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Wizard 101 cheats codes & hints

Cheaper dragons

  • Get between 300 to 360 gold. Go to the pet shop and select the dragon. It will cost about 850 gold. Change the color to all white. It will now cost exactly 340 gold. Buy the white dragon. Go to the paint shop next door. Paint your dragon a different color for between 240 and 320 gold.
  • Go to the pet store and get the dragon. Then, change both colors to brown. The price will now be 288 gold. You can go next door after you buy the dragon and change the color at the dyers.

Free Dragon!

Go to and register and click add code or redeem codes, then enter the following:


Cheaper piggles

Piggles normally cost 890 gold. However, if you change the color to all yellow it will now cost 309 gold. You can then use the paint shop to give it a new color.
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Defeating Field Guards

Become a Myth student or choose Myth as your secondary school. Get to the point were you have a troll. If you have a Myth Trap, use it, then play as a troll. You should be able to defeat a Field Guard with those two moves.

Defeating the Storm Kraken

  • Use the following trick to defeat the Storm Kraken as a diviner (Storm wizard). Try to have a conjurer (Myth wizard) to help you. Make a lot of defenses. Make sure you have Storm Prism in your deck, and have a Myth type wand.
  • Make sure your side or the battlefield is full with four wizards. Have yourself as the second person. Let the first person get all the blows. Because the Kraken is Storm, it is weak against Myth. Before the Kraken puts up a shield, attack it with Myth. If you do not have a Myth spell, get the necklace called "Choker Of Ferocity". It adds Myth to your deck (bottom part if you look at through your backpack).

Easy gold

Have one or two friends that are at least level 9 help you battle the Harvest Lord about several times. Then, go to the shopping district and sell items that you do not want.

500 Gold!

Go to and register and click add code or redeem codes, then enter the following:


Easy experience

Gave a higher level friend that is at least In Mooshu (Fourth World) and have completed Crimson Fields. Have your friend enter first, then port to him. Finish the quests and you should level up.

Making treasure cards

Go to the library and buy Tough or Keen Eyes treasure cards. Add them to your spell deck, then get in a battle (Lost Souls in Unicorn Way recommended due to the easy difficulty). Right Click a weak card in your deck, then press the "Draw" button. Click on the Tough or Keen Eyes treasure card then click your strongest card.

Skull Riders mini-game

Kill the enemies but do not collect the skulls. Wait for them to appear as enemies again. Kill them again when they fly. Do this repeatedly on a level to get a lot of points.

Secret shop

In Krockotopia, go to the shopping district (directly next to the Oasis). Go to the very end. Go behind a building where there is a beetle. Go back and there should be two posts with lights and a teleporter. When all the lights are lit up you can use the telporter. Go on top of the building (you need a training point for this). Talk to the lizard and he will teach you spells on how to take life from minions. Go inside and talk to that lizard. He sells rare pets until you go to the Krockoshpinx.

Cyclops minion

You must be a Myth wizard and be able to go to Krokotopia. At about level 22 you will get a quest from Cyrus Drake. He will tell you to go to Krokotopia and learn about the Death Pixies from Zan'ne the librarian. Zan'ne will tell you where the Death Pixies are found. Go to the door where the Death Pixies are located. There are three Death Pixies you must defeat. The Death Pixies are Life-type and have 435 life each. Having Death-type treasure cards is helpful. After defeating them, talk to Cyrus Drake. He will tell you to go to Cyclops Lane and talk to a Cyclops. After you talk to the Cyclops he will give you a chant. Go back to Cyrus Drake and repeat the chant to him. He will give you the Cyclops Minion spell.


Buy crowns or have a subscription. Complete all the streets on Wizard City including Col Blvd. Master Ambrose will want you to defeat Lord Nightshade. He will then drop a pirate key. Take it to Master Ambrose and you can now explore Nightside.

Smiths locations

Smiths can be found at the following locations.

Colossus Boulevard: In Hildreth Perch next to the left statue.
Commons: Behind a big tree in the festival park (left side).
Cyclops Lane: Tree behind Nolan storm gate (festival park).
Fire Cat Alley: next to statue to the left outside of Fire Globe Theater.
Golem Court: behind a tree behind Golem Tower.
Olde Town: Left side of nearby house near Gloria Krendell.
Raven Wood: Behind Myth school bench (behind the school).
Shopping District: Behind wand shop.
Triton Avenue: Far down on the left in waterfalls, about 68 steps away from Duncan Grim Water.
Unicorn Way: Hedge maze hiding on the left edge.

No wand or spell book, and skip tutorial

Make a new character. After talking to Ambrose and his owl, go inside the castle when instructed. When Ambrose tells you to confront Malistaires henchmen, do not. Press [Home]. This is the Dorm Teleportation technique. The game does not disable it at the beginning. You will be at your school's dorm. Go out and unlock Unicorn Way. You should be able to duel without spell cards, wand, spell book, etc. Note: It is not confirmed if you can duel, and what spellcards you use.


Go to and register and click add code or redeem codes, then enter the following.

Land or Castle

Being invisible:

First, teleport and before getting sparks around keep moving. You will be invisible for 1-20 sec. depending on how fast your computer is, then teleport.

Hint for buying cheaper pets:

When you go to pet shop buy the brown one which is cheaper then go to paint shop and pick your color.

Entering Death School/Night Side:

There is a door behind the waterfall in the Commons. You can't enter that door till the Headmaster gives you a key for that. That will happen around level twelve or so, the time you have gained access to Colossus Boulevard. Be patient and finish the quests, it's pretty simple.

Get more money and mana:

Play the arcade game on wizard 101 and at the end of each level. If you have got any bombs left you should wait until the time is out after the level, then you should press the space bar on your keyboard rapidly and then your score will go up rapidly, too. In this way, you will get much more stuff. This trick works for each and every level of the game.

See here for the latest update on wizard 101 cheats for crowns!

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